Welcome to the Wayfarer Insurance Group

Today marks a very important milestone in Wayfarer Insurance Group’s history. Today, we’re taking a huge step forward as a company; a fully operating collective of five very distinct brands, all of which have a rich history, a reputation for excellence and delivering on our promises to our loyal clients.

Our purpose as Wayfarer Insurance Group has always been straightforward – we’re consistently looking for ways to make insurance simpler.  For us, this means offering an unparalleled customer experience for our niche lifestyle clients, while creating unique and specialized solutions for their insurance needs. And what better way to deliver on this promise than by leveraging the full capacity of our talented experts across Canada. A unified voice that can provide the best value to our clients, serving them as effectively as possible.

That being said, getting to this point has been a long journey. We’ve been working on this transition behind the scenes for many months before announcing it publicly.  And now that we’re finally here, I personally want to take a pause and mention how proud I am for all that we’ve accomplished, and thank every member of our team who take such great care of our customers each and every day.

Under this newly created visual brand identity of Wayfarer Insurance Group, we’re finally coming together to make the insurance experience simpler, better, while holding true to our specialized expertise you know and trust.

Welcome to the new home of Lant Insurance, Gary Steeves Insurance, Competition Insurance, Wayfarer Insurance Brokers and EPA Ultimate Concepts.

Welcome, to the new Wayfarer Insurance Group

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