Ontario Discontinues OHIP Coverage for Out-of-Country Travellers

On January 1, 2020, OHIP will make large cuts to its foreign travel emergency coverage. OHIP made this decision because of the high administrative costs of the programs. Before, the plan would pay $400 a day for inpatient emergency care and $50 a day for outpatient emergency care. In 2020, however, that out-of-country emergency health care coverage will end.

So if you’re a snowbird, or planning a vacation out of the country, make sure you pack an emergency travel insurance coverage along with the rest of your essentials.  

OHIP Coverage for Out-of-Country Ontario Travelers Discontinued in January

The Toronto Star reported upon one case of an Ontario resident who travelled to Florida and ended up in an emergency room. They ended up fine but with a $3,000 bill for a couple of hours of urgent care. Luckily for them, they actually had comprehensive travel insurance and OHIP out-of-country emergency health care coverage. Nobody expects to require unplanned medical services when traveling, so it's always wise to prepare.

In countries such as the U.S., where one could argue that OHIP’s $400 a day for inpatient care would not provide adequate coverage, that makes now an excellent time to rethink travel health insurance. For instance, the Canadian Trade Commission, or CTC, found that about half a million Canadians travel to Florida in the winter, of which, only about one-third have bought extra travel health coverage.

Where to Get Out-of-Country Emergency Health Care Coverage

One unexpected bout of the flu or slip on the sidewalk could ruin your vacation budget, so we urge you to consider investing in a travel insurance policy.

Look for coverages that offer the following:

  • Emergency assistance 24/7
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Competitive coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • A global healthcare network that gives you access to high-quality medical facilities and pre-negotiated rates
  • Simple application process

At its core, travel insurance will provide you with emergency medical care, in addition to coverages for trip cancellation and interruption.  If you want to avoid such unnecessary risk in the new year, be sure to protect yourself with a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

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