RVing in Mexico

Planning on taking an RV trip to Mexico? Did you know that while RVing to Mexico, your current RV policy doesn't cover you as soon as you cross the border? While in Mexico, you will require additional insurance to protect you and your mobile home away from home. Let us assist you in making sure you have the proper insurance in place.

We offer insurance for your trailer, camper, motorhome, and auto, with the best rates and coverage available in the marketplace today.  

Our coverage can include:

  • Liability limits up to $500,000 US
  • Physical Damage coverage
  • Bond & Legal Assistance
  • Medical Expense for occupants
  • Extended Packages that include Vandalism, Partial theft, US repairs, Fixed Deductibles
  • MexVisit Coverage (ERS type coverage while in Mexico)

If you have any questions or would like a quote please call us at 1.844.929.4768 or you can email Andrea Martin at andrea@wayfarerinsurancegroup.com.