October 10

Haunted Fort Night at Fort William Historical Park

Organized by Fort William Historical Park

Prepare to be scared and thrilled to the core this October at Fort Williams Historical Park in Thunder Bay, ON. As one of Canada's remaining historical fur trading sites, Fort Williams once a year transitions to a spooktacular tour of monsters and ghouls. Can you survive the Haunted Fort Night?

Held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for every week of October. Fort Williams transforms into a ghostly experience guaranteed to send chills down your spine. With tours running every 10 minutes and lasting approximately 1.5 hours, participants may find themselves enduring a haunting trial they wont soon forget.

And if this wasn't enough exhilaration for you, event goers can also join in on a sniper-styled paintball experience. A zombie gallery is set up for you to test your aim on the moving undead for only $5 per 50 paintballs.

Not only a spectacular resource for learning and getting your knickers scared off, Fort Williams Historical Park is a phenomenal location to RV and tent camp. But keep in mind this service stops October 14th. All located on the beautiful Kaministiquia River. Take in this tranquil nature before the fright begins! All prices for camping can be found on Fort William's website. 

So if you're down for a good scare, we hope to see you at the amazing Haunted Fort Night at Fort Williams Historical Park. Let the spookfest begin!