RVers Trust Us

We're not your typical insurance brokerage 

At Wayfarer, we believe that your RV is more than just a vehicle. It's your freedom, and it's worth protecting. We offer customized coverage, in language you can understand, at a competitive price. Trust us with your RV, so you can focus on your next RVenture.

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Find RV dealer near you 

Considering renting or buying an RV?

We can help you find RV dealers in your area that will work with your family's needs and budget so you can head out on your RV journey. 

Planning your next trip?

We’ve partenered with Sanderson Travel Insurance!

Whether you're planning a short trip out of province or a week in the sun, now we've got you covered. 

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Are You Reaping the Benefits?

Join Explorer RV Club and save on insurance and more

Gain access to exclusive money saving discounts, including savings on your RV insurance.

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We Know Life Happens!

Emergency Road Service specially for RVs

Designed to handle the unique requirements and needs of RVers travelling in North America.

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What our customers are saying

Thank you once again for your excellent service in handling our claim. My wife and I take great comfort in knowing that a top-notch staff is handling our RV insurance, both professionally and personally.

Bill C., Fort Erie, ON

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