Motorcycle Insurance

You can add your motorcycle to your regular auto policy, save on your premiums, and ride with confidence.

Standard coverage for your motorcycle:

  • Liability

Coverage for when you are in an accident and are legally liable for the death or injury of other people. It will also cover any damage to their vehicle.

  • Accident Benefits

Post-accident, this offers compensation for any medical care you or your passengers require (i.e. rehabilitation, loss of income due to disability).

Extra coverages you can add on:

  • Comprehensive

Protects your motorcycle against damage by something other than a collision (i.e. vandalism, fire, theft).

  • Collision

When you hit, or get hit by, another vehicle, the policy will cover vehicle repair expenses.

  • All Perils

Combines Comprehensive and Collision by means of offering a complete coverage.

Ways you can save on your insurance:

We offer multiple discounts and endorsements that make our otherwise competitive insurance rates even more affordable. Give us a call at 1.844.929.4768 and we’ll help answer any of your questions.