Boat Insurance

With the right insurance, you can enjoy your time cruising and sailing with peace of mind.

Standard coverage for your boat:

  • Liability

If someone (not living with you) is injured on your property, and they file a lawsuit, your insurance policy will cover any legal and medical expenses.  

  • Replacement Coverage

At the event of a loss, the policy will cover the replacement or rebuilding expense to a certain amount.

Extra coverages you can add on:

  • Personal Effects Coverage

In case of damage or loss, the policy will cover the expense of replacing your personal items and effects (i.e. apparel, sports equipment). Limits apply.

  • Navigational Equipment

In case of damage to the electronic equipment, the policy will cover its expenses.

Ways you can save on your insurance:

We offer multiple discounts and endorsements that make our otherwise competitive insurance rates even more affordable. Give us a call at 1.844.929.4768 and we’ll help answer any of your questions.