Why Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance is a Good Idea

Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage is always a good idea to consider when travelling domestically in Canada or abroad. Stuff happens. Problems arise. Your travel plans must sometimes be changed to accommodate for the things that happen, good or bad, en route to your destination or at your destination.

"Travel insurance" is about so much more than lost luggage. When you purchase travel insurance, it’s for the specific trip you’re taking. That means that whether you’re on a business trip, a family ski weekend in Banff, or even flying south for the winter as a Canadian snowbird, you will find that there are plans available that can save you thousands of dollars in cancellation fees if your plans must be delayed or cancelled. After all, no one wants to be riddled with worries over cancellation costs or caught paying for an entire trip you’re unable to attend and enjoy. That is why trip cancellation coverage is so important. Some trip cancellation policies even reimburse you for non-refundable portions of your travel fees associated with prepaid travel arrangements.

Why You Need Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Coverage

Think of all the reasons why a trip could be cancelled:

  • Job changes

  • Flight delays or cancellations

  • Missed flight connection due to schedule change

  • Financial challenges

  • Illnesses

  • Injuries

  • Lost luggage

  • Travel advisory at your destination

  • Relationship changes (marriage, divorce, death of a partner, breakup, etc.)

  • Death in the family

  • Denial of travel visa

  • Promotions at work

  • An event that renders your destination inhabitable

  • Cancelled business meeting at your destination

  • Environmental issues (wildfires, blizzards, flooding, natural disaster etc.)

  • Pregnancy complications or the early birth of a child

  • Medical issues. This is one of the reasons why having trip cancellation and trip interruption is a must-have. What happens, for instance, if you must go to a health clinic or hospital while travelling? Would you be able to afford the cost of any doctor visits, prescription medications, medical services and ambulance care? 

Any of these situations could be the unexpected event that could lead to your trip being cancelled. Some of these events even have out-of-pocket expenses associated with them! This is why trip cancellation and trip interruption is a good idea - this coverage helps you get reimbursement (and protection) from these costs. Trip interruption coverage also helps to cover the costs added expenses, such as hotel stays, food, taxi fare, etc. through a subsistence allowance if you must return home early due to an emergency that arises after you are away from home.

You make a major financial investment when you make travel plans so don’t allow a broken leg, the loss of a job, or another event to erase that investment. Ultimately, there is a huge difference between having your dream travel delayed and giving up on the dream. Travel insurance, and trip  cancellation and interruption coverage can be that difference-maker for you.

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