How much do you know about famous cars in history and entertainment? Print it out or scroll along as you and your family feud, I mean, play, our car history trivia game. You’ll learn a few things, have some fun and help pass the time while on the road. Our family car trivia game has something for everyone, with questions ranging from the easy to the challenging.

Score one point when correctly answering car trivia quiz questions that are easy, two points for medium questions and three points for hard questions. Victory laps optional!

What legendary car made its debut as a 1964½ model? (MED)

The Ford Mustang.

What number was Herbie the Volkswagen in the “Love Bug” series of films? (HARD)


What was the name of the old pickup truck in the movie Cars? (MED)

Mater (Full name Sir Tow Mater KG).

Who is credited with inventing the automobile? (HARD)

Karl Benz.

Which country produces the most vehicles in the world? (HARD)


The Chevy Corvette is names after what? (HARD)

The Corvette was previously famous as a small, maneuverable warship.

What was the make OR model of the car “Bandit” drove in Smokey and the Bandit? (MED)

It was a Pontiac Trans Am (1977).

The General Lee of Dukes of Hazzard fame was what colour? (EASY)

It was an orange 1969 Dodge Charger.

Who was the race car star of the movie “Cars”? (EASY)

Lightning McQueen.

What Florida racetrack is known as the “World Center of Racing”? (EASY)

Daytona International Speedway.

Who serves as the voice of “mater” in the Cars movie series? (HARD)

The tow truck is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.

What is the full name of the automobile safety device known as an ABS? (MED)

Automatic Braking System.

In North America it is known as a car’s “hood”. What is it called in England? (HARD)

A Bonnet.

What type of top did the car that Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit? Was it a hardtop, T-top or convertible? (MED)


What is the nickname for the miniature emergency spare tire most cars have today? (MED)

A Donut.

The Vega, a small car made by what company was made to be a competitor to Ford’s Pinto? (MED)


Who was the first female NASCAR driver? (MED)

Danica Patrick.

What do the initials MPH stand for in reference to a car’s speed? (EASY)

Miles Per Hour.

What colour car is the most popular choice for car buyers? (MED)

White, followed by black and silver or gray.

What city is the United States is known as the “Rubber City” for its history as a major tire producer and home for Goodyear Tires? (HARD)

Akron, Ohio.

Which racetrack is known as “The Brickyard”? (MED)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway home of the Indianapolis 500.

What is the mostly round device a driver uses to keep a car on the road? (EASY)

The Steering Wheel.

What does PSI stand for when filling up a car’s tires? (MED)

Pounds Per Square Inch.

What does a rear-view mirror help a driver do? (EASY)

See behind you. What North American City is known as “The Motor City”.

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a car made famous by what movie series? (MED)

It was featured in the “Back to Future” movie series.

Both the Daytona International Speedway and Indianapolis Motor speedway are what length? (HARD)

They are both 2.5 miles in length.

If you are driving a Sunbird or Fiero, you are driving a classic car made by what brand? (HARD)


“Christine” was a haunted car in a book written by what author? (MED)

Stephen King.

What device helps drivers see when it is raining? (EASY)

Windshield wipers.

What automobile brand is famous for its “Blue Oval Logo”? (MED)


What North American City is known as the “Motor City”? (EASY)

Detroit, Michigan.

What is the name of the vehicle used by the crime and mystery solving crew known as The Scooby Doo Gang? (MED)

The Mystery Machine.

A V8 engine has how many cylinders? (EASY)


What do you put in a car’s engine to keep it lubricated? (EASY)

Motor Oil.

A stop-sign has how many sides? (EASY)


Before GPS, what did drivers use to find the route from one place to another? (EASY)

A map or roadmap.

What item is used to lift a car above the roadway, so a flat tire can be changed? MED)

A jack.

What are the big signs of advertising along the aide of the road called? (EASY)


If you want to go backwards when driving you would put a car in what gear? (EASY)


This was a military vehicle used in World War II that eventually became a popular brand of SUVs and family vehicles. (HARD)


What is the nickname of the vehicle the Pope travels in when in public? (MED)

The Pope Mobile.

What was the number of Dale Earnhardt’s car when he raced in NASCAR? (MED)

He drove number 3.

What was the name of the Ford automobile that was such a disaster in the 1950s, its name became synonymous with failure? (HARD)

The Edsel.

In what decade did AM radios first become popular in automobiles. (HARD)

The 1930s

What automobile manufacturer produced cars like the Pacer, the Matador and the Javelin? (HARD)

American Motors.

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