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So You’re Trying to Get into the Collector Car Hobby?

If you want to do more than admire collector vehicles from afar, then we have great news. It’s actually quite easy to get into the collector car hobby. You just need to know where to find like-minded enthusiasts online and in your area. Use these helpful tips to get started.

Find Fellow Enthusiasts Online

Across the internet landscape, you’ll find an array of amazing spots to admire collector cars and talk shop with fellow enthusiasts. Often found in forums and social media groups, these tight-knit enthusiast communities share their love for their collector vehicles of choice.

Through their posts, comments and threads, they’ll share all the information everyone needs to enjoy them as well, such as: heritage, motorsport history, build specs and features, special trims, upgrade parts and repair techniques. As you hear their stories and receive advice, you will gain the knowledge you need to pick up your perfect first collector car and enjoy it to the fullest.

Enjoy Collector Car Events

Your local collector car shows and other events are a treasure trove of amazing sights and facts about your favourite vehicles. From ultra-stock to fully-custom, these shows let you see the full array of builds possible using that platform.

In the collector car world, local events may include:

  • Car shows
  • Auctions
  • Swap meets
  • Cruise nights
  • Flea markets
  • And more!

At many of these events, the owners hang around their vehicles, giving you immense opportunities to ask questions and learn more about each build. Who knows? You may even run into people you recognize from your online collector car communities. So, don’t delay — use our handy online calendar to find local events celebrating your favourite collector cars.

Join a Local Car Club

By joining a local collector car club, you can regularly come together with your fellow enthusiasts to celebrate your favourite vehicles and enjoy them in various ways. Many clubs visit collector car events together, for example, enrichening the experience for all. They often arrange pre-meets at local drive-in restaurants to chat and admire each other’s cars before cruising over to the event as a group.

As you make the most of owning a collector vehicle with these club events, you will undoubtedly make lifelong friends along the way.

Tracking down the right club to join can be a challenge, however, so use our Find a Car Club tool to locate your perfect group. You can then attend one of their meets to see how you fit in with the group and learn about all their upcoming events.

Entering the collector car hobby may seem overwhelming at first, but trust us, it has some of the most inspiring, committed and passionate individuals out there. They’ll always be nice and welcoming to newcomers because, well, we’re Canadians; we can’t help it. So, if you ever have any questions regarding the hobby or need help navigating this unique lifestyle, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help guide you!

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