Retiring in Your RV: A Future of Adventure and Comfort

You have always dreamed of spending a year on the road in your RV, or perhaps you have the desire to sell the house and go mobile. More retirees are exploring the possibilities of going full-time in their travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome. Is it feasible? What will you be sacrificing when you pack up and leave your home behind? Let's find out.

Class A Mobility or Supersized Comfort

First off, if you have images of a pop-up camper serving as your retirement home, no wonder you have reservations. Many full-timers with seasonal memberships at their favourite campground opt for large fifth-wheel trailers with amenities such as queen-sized beds, luxurious living rooms, full bath tubs, and a full-service kitchen. If you picture yourself roaming from one destination to another, a Class A motorhome often includes all the features found in a luxury apartment in a vehicle the size of a passenger bus. Slide outs give you extra elbow room when you are parked for the night.

Stay for a Day or Stay for the Summer

One of the most attractive benefits of living on the road is that you get to make your schedule. You can leave British Columbia and work your way across to New Brunswick in a week, or take a whole year to stop and appreciate Banff National Park, the gleaming metropolis of Toronto, and the old-world charm surrounding Quebec City. And if you are a member of Explorer RV Club, you’ll get to enjoy a great many discounts at RV campgrounds across Canada and the US. Should you decide you haven't done everything you want in one place, you are free to extend your visit by a day, week, or month.

Living within Your Budget

What about your retirement savings? Is this an affordable means of living? If you sell your home and purchase a Class A instead, you may find that your living expenses are just about the same. You won't be paying property taxes, a monthly electric bill, or for the maintenance of your lawn. If you are pinching pennies, it is possible to find a spot to park with very low rates or even none at all. Since your on-board kitchen comes with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and probably a barbeque, you can eat at home instead of spending money on restaurants all the time. Finally, since you have about 400 square feet or less to live in, you won't be spending on adding almost anything to your home decor or wardrobe.

Enjoy the Society and Services of RV Parks

The RVing lifestyle caters to all sorts of folks. If you are a social butterfly, RV resorts offer the perfect melting pot for making new friends and keeping busy. Especially during the summer travel season, your resort may have weekly mixers, dance nights, group tours of local attractions, and recreation halls. Should you rent your spot for the season, you will have time to meet the neighbours and even throw a party under the stars.

Should you seek the comfort of the wild, take your RV off the beaten track and find a parking spot on Crown Land. You can stay for up to 21 days without a permit. With a generator, full propane tanks, and a good water supply, you can shut out society and find your inner peace. When you are ready for people again, fold up your stairs, take down the antenna, and head on down the road.

If you want to find a new way to connect to RVers around you (or abroad), we recommend checking out RVillage, the largest and most active social network for RVers.

Stay Connected to Family with Current Technology

Are you worried about leaving the kids and grandchildren behind? Your smartphone can connect you to your loved ones almost anywhere on the National Highway System. Most RV parks, public libraries, and coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi, so emailing home isn't nearly as impossible as you might think. Wireless technology truly supports your desire for a life of complete freedom.

Ultimately, if you are set to retire but are far from ready to sink into your reclining chair, opting to spend a month or a year exploring the vast and varied roads across Canada in your RV can be both a practical and fulfilling use of your time and your money.

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