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Restoring a Classic? Here’s the 7 Best Part Suppliers in Canada!

We all know that sourcing classic vehicle parts in Canada can be a pain. With having to look far and wide for the simplest piece to complete your restoration project, headaches can be expected for any collector and vintage automobile enthusiast. Even those with lots of experience. Having to search scrap yards, parts not being manufactured anymore, or components being downright expensive. It’s enough to scare away the light-hearted. Compare shopping for your daily driver? Vintage part sourcing is like climbing Mount Everest in a speedo.

That’s why we tried to put together the best possible list of Canadian part suppliers to get your restoration on the road. Hopefully sooner than later! Also, we wanted to ensure that these companies were bleeding red and white. So not only can you save money on brokerage fees, duties, and the hassle of ever having to return a component cross-border, you can be confident that your trust is priority #1.

The Canada Seat Skins Company - Upholstery is hard to replace. And even harder to replicate! That is why Canada Seat skins offers nearly unlimited designs and colours to match or revamp your classic vehicle. They don’t want to leave you with a worn out look that will compromise your collector swagger! You gotta look your best when taking your hard work out for a summer night cruise. With all custom leather arriving ready to install, and free delivery to all of Canada? You might just buy several looks for one vehicle! As long as you have spare cash to burn

Muscle Cars and Classics – This proudly owned Canadian company looks to save you $$$! No exchange rates. No duties. No brokerage fees. And of course, no hassle! Selling top quality parts for several popular car models and brands, you can expect your shopping experience to be quick and easy. With a goal of providing the highest quality products for reasonable prices, Muscle Cars and Classics is your next place to shop.

Reproduction Parts Marketing – Now this part source may not have online ordering, but they make up for their lack of a digital interface with having incredible selection. With 100’s of pages of parts for Mopar’s, Chevelle’s, Camaro’s and more, you’ll probably be able to build a classic car from scratch! Looking to update your shop as well? RPM also sells has lifts, tire machines and more. All based out of Saskatoon, your next restoration will be a success with RPM’s team behind you.

RM Auto Restoration – This world recognized Restoration Company has steadily grown to be one of the most trusted shops to help you bring back the automobiles of yesterday. With a world-wide network of part distribution at their disposal, even the rarest pieces can be ordered. Still can’t find the right car part? Well RM Auto Restoration has an impossible to beat machine shop that can produce components to the most detailed of specifications. If you want to treat your Classic like a Queen, than this is the shop for you.

Antique Chevrolet Parts - Own an old Chev? Or looking to start restoring one? Antique Chevrolet Parts is looking out for you! Located in Dundas, ON., these guys have the low-down on rare vintage Chevrolet parts from 1937 all the way to 1981. And since they’re keeping their business niché, it means you are sure to receive superior service and recommendations. With friendly staff that are open to your questions, put years of experience and knowledge behind your next project. Also, as a non-Canadian resource, you can always visit GM’s wealthy list of licensed distributors to the South!   

Golden Leaf Automotive – Looking for a one-stop shop experience? Golden Leaf Automotive has been providing Muscle car parts and moulding for over 18 years. As a Canadian based extension of Dynacorn International, Golden Leaf prides itself on supplying the best parts money can buy. So whether you’re fixing up your classic Camaro, or sprucing up the old Ford pick-up, you’ll be sure to find your parts here.

The Muscle Car Shop – Open since 2000, the Muscle Car Shop has been supplying quality restoration parts for nearly two decades. Everything from interior to exterior, your classic muscle car will be looking like new once you deal with this team. Based out of Crossfield, AB, The Muscle Car Shop looks to provide a hassle free purchasing experience, with most non-stocking parts only taking between 12-14 business days to deliver anywhere in Canada. However, they are always updating their inventory with a wide variety of vehicle parts for plenty of makes and models so that no one gets left out of the experience.

Hopefully we have helped with your search for Canadian sourced parts. And remember to always read conditions and return policies before purchasing. If you’re able to, speaking with a representative can help ensure ordering accuracy and improve your customer service experience. And most of all, keep your information safe!

Good luck shopping!

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