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People You Can Expect to Meet at Your Next Collector Car Show

People are funny in the sense that when they love something, they have wide-ranging ways of showing their appreciation for it. And when that “something” is collector cars….there’s a whole lot to appreciate, too. Their coveted builds, heritage, and features leave us all in awe and dreaming of a chance at ownership.

So when you attend your next local car show, and take in the beautiful view of rows upon rows of collector cars, take the time to socialize with other collector car enthusiasts. Your local car show will always attract a gathering so it pays to know who you’ll meet on your travels. Here’s a rundown of just a few personalities awaiting your friendship:

“My Cars are My Children”

This is the collector that tends to like their cars more than they like their kids. Whether they may have human or fur children, they will only refer to their collector cars as their “sweet babies”.

They spare no expense in helping their cars become all they can be, even if that means dropping their last $4k on a supercharger. All maintenance is done on time and to the manufacturer’s specifications, down to the recommended brand of fluid.

They spend their free time either in the garage, tinkering, upgrading, and cleaning their collector car collection to their hearts’ content or researching the next car show to attend. And woe be to those who infer that their time could be better spent doing something else — as nothing could be further from the truth.

They love their collector cars so much because they don’t complain, ask for favours, or want them to sit through recitals. The only similarity their collector car and their children have in common is the ability to drain their wallets.

“My Wife’s the Gearhead”

This the guy whose wife knows more about collector cars than himself. He will go to the car show and comment on how great the new paint job is while his wife finds fellow car lovers to talk about engines and restorations. She’s the one who knows how many corvettes were produced in 1972 and how many hours it took to make each one. She’ll happy talk cars all day long while her husband holds her purse and smiles awkwardly, while looking around for the nearest snack stand.

“The Work is Never Done”

For those who believe the work is never done, their builds always remain in a state of perpetual improvement and change. Although cars always need regular care to stay in optimal shape, these individuals take it to the extreme.

As a result, their cars tend to sit on a lift much more often than they hit the road. With a constant need to find coveted rare parts and rudely discontinued components, these enthusiasts also spend the bulk of their time planted, searching auction sites for their prize.

Despite spending years perfecting every detail, once the project is deemed complete, these enthusiasts put it up for sale and set it free with its new owner. Then, they buy another project and start all over again. Restore, sell, repeat!

“Have Parts? Will Travel”

Some take the search for parts to the next level, scouring classifieds across the country for great deals and rare finds. These enthusiasts will then plan all their family vacations around these parts finds.

Every journey is an adventure with impromptu stops at swap meets, junkyards, and garage sales, but comfort is not the name of the game. As enthusiasts, and people in dire need of more room in the garage, they often feel compelled to contribute to their fellow enthusiasts’ projects with parts sales and trades of their own. This means that their families must pack in like sardines to make room for all the incredible parts found, as there will be car parts here, there, and everywhere, along every last mile of the trip.

“Get Your Car Stats Here”

These talented collector car enthusiasts are the walking encyclopedia of the group as they spit out stats on demand. With nary a glance at their phone, they can list non-stop facts about their favorite vehicles.

They delight in discussing everything about the vehicles from their colour codes to curb weights. The fascinating facts they share feed everyone’s passions for the collector cars and inspire them to reach for the stars with their own builds.

Through every conversation with these individuals, you can learn something new and celebrate all that you love about the collector vehicles. And your obsession with collector cars in general will likely grow as a result.

“Once Upon a Time…”

Some of the greatest storytellers of all time wander around car shows sharing their tales with anyone who will listen. Their stories span across the whole manufacturing history and rich heritages of every vehicle at the collector car show.

While always exceedingly accurate, their stories have plenty of twists, turns, and embellishments to keep everyone engaged. They absolutely love to get everyone fired up about their favorite rides and the moments of glory that were granted to each one.

When traveling through the car show with these individuals, you cannot go far without hearing another story start up. Both educational and entertaining, these stories only fuel the fire when it comes to your passion for collector cars.

As you travel from car show to car show, you can always count on running into these wonderfully quintessential car enthusiasts. We’re all quirky and eccentric when it comes to collector cars so be sure to let us know if we missed any other “type” of car enthusiast!

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