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How Do I Protect My Collector Car from a Natural Disaster?

Collector cars are an investment item. From the hours you spend on their maintenance and upkeep to the amount of money you spend in the process, looking after a collector car can be described as nothing less than a labour of love. So, it’s critical that you have a disaster plan in place to protect this investment of time, money and love, especially as Canada is seeing an increasing share of natural disaster each year.

Floods and Windstorms

Floods are the most common type of natural disasters that we experience each year. They can occur in almost every season and sometimes even without warning! However, when there is an advanced warning, getting ahead of the water can spare you the pain and expense of attempting to recover a classic or collector car that has been flooded.

Some things you can do to prevent flooding from damaging your car include:

  • Evacuate to higher, dryer ground. If you don’t have time to get completely out of harm’s way, consider finding a multistory parking garage and parking your car on one of the higher levels.
  • Disconnect the battery. This eliminates electrical flow to the remainder of the car’s systems, improving the chances that some will have a chance to dry out.
  • Consider storing on a lift in your garage. If you have one, that can be an excellent option. Another alternative is to store your vehicle on ramps for the duration of the flood.
  • Secure garage fixtures. Don’t forget to secure other things in the garage likely to tip during flooding that might damage the vehicle.
  • Sandbag around your garage. This can slow the flow of water into the garage where your collector car is stored if not stop it altogether.
  • Protect essential documents. Place all documentation concerning your collector vehicle in waterproof containers.

Many of these practices are helpful for wind damage as well. Especially since the greatest loss of property and life in windstorms is often related to flooding. Be sure to check out our guide for dealing with floods and windstorms for more general tips and tricks.

Wildfires and other Disasters

There is little you can do to protect your collector car from natural disasters like wildfires, avalanches, and landslides, other than moving your car to safety and evacuating it along with yourself and your family. Here at Wayfarer Insurance Group, we offer specialized evacuation expense insurance coverage that provides reimbursement of up to 50 percent of reasonable costs associated with moving and storing your collector vehicle during emergency conditions.

This is in addition to the other types of coverages we offer that help you protect your investment on many different fronts. Contact us today to explore your collector car insurance coverage options and choose the policy that best meets your needs.

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